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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Absolute Browns 8/9/17

With Everybody’s Best Friend: BigTownBrown

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Alas, Dartho graces us with his considerable presence for the latest edition of Absolute Browns. He welcomes BigTownBrown for some lively discussion about our favorite team. As is the rule, I never edit the notes DBM sends me for these so enjoy:

  • BTB joins in a guess.
  • Reference to non published "pilot" episode.
  • Saints preseason game depth chart.
  • The Brock Lobster.
  • The excitement that is excited our Defense.
  • Brian Hoyer, Obviously.
  • The misery of Browns fortune.
  • Becoming A Browns fan.
  • Dawgs By Nature, it's the greatest.
  • Some more Saints Preseason game talk.

I feel like their should be more typos and spelling errors, but whatever. Fortunately, there’s bound to be much in the way of grammatical problems during the show itself.

Let the guys know what you think in the comments section below. You can listen by clicking here, or by the link at the top or bottom of the page. If you’d like to do your own thing hit me up:

Thanks for listening!

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