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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Doez It, Post-Preseason Game Four 9/1/17

The Game, And The Overall Preseason

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It has been quite the eventful week, and we’ve tried to keep pace a little bit here at The DBN Network. This offering focuses on the game four of the preseason against Chicago (won by the good guys 25-0) as well as what the overall outlook of the team is now that we’ve completed The Most Important Preseason Of Our Lifetimes 2017. A little bit shorter perhaps than what you typically get from me, but here’s a snapshot:

  • The peculiar way the Bears played Mitchell Trubisky in his lone start of the preseason.
  • The even more peculiar stupid way the Connor Shaw injury was handled at the end of the game.
  • Preseason box-score watching is futile.
  • Preseason trait watching can be fruitful.
  • Defense overall looks more disciplined.
  • Kevin Hogan straight up looks better than Cody Kessler, who still cannot identify a blitz pre-snap, ever.
  • Most of the guys playing last night were auditioning for positions on other teams.

All that and some insight speculation as to the possible moves to be made on Saturday (final and only cut-down day) as well as previewing the Sunday article. To listen, you can click on the player at the top of the screen, the one in between this article and the accompanying comments’ section, or just go here.

As always if you think you can do any better, you’re probably right! If you’d like to do your own program just hit me up: You can also complain generally in the comments’ section below.

Thanks for listening!

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