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Cleveland Browns’ Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 9/15/17

Irma, The Tribe, And Our Beloved (R)Orange Helmets

Having freshly survived Hurricane Irma, and with (thankfully) all of the ‘Network gear completely unscathed, I’m happy to (finally) bring you the next installment of Ez Does It. Typically I do these on Sunday nights during the season, but I was JUST a bit preoccupied this last week - I expect to get it back to normal this Sunday.

Ran through quite a few items, among them:

  • Irma, and the experience of dealing with a hurricane
  • The Cleveland Indians’ incredible run and the even MORE incredible way they did it
  • DeShone Kizer, possessor of the goods
  • How will things go this week in Baltimore?

Realistically this is about the most excited I’ve been about this ballclub in over twenty years. The way this roster has been constructed and further assets acquired really augers well for our future. Also means a (probably) bumpy present though, which is ok.

To listen simply hit the player at the top of the screen, or you can use the one in between the article and the comments’ section (which, by the way, appears in every DBN article). Or just click here.

We’re always looking for talent so if you think you’d like try your hand at this, just let me know: Feel free to excoriate me in the comments’ section.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you who expressed your concern for me during the storm. It was and is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening!

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