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Cleveland Browns Podcast - DBN Network Postgame: Ez Does It 9/17/17

Browns Lose To The Ravens, But Not All Is Lost

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The Browns came up short against the hated Baltimore Ravens today, and ended up doing worse than both I and many of you thought they would. However disappointing though it was, I submit that it’s really not anything worth being terribly surprised or unnerved about:

  • Have you ever heard of a player leaving a game because of a migraine? I don’t think I have
  • We are a young team, and we play like it a lot
  • On balance, continued improvement in the run defense
  • Better looking performance by the offensive line
  • Kizer making rookie mistakes, because he’s a rookie
  • These types of games may be invaluable to his development
  • We probably need to temper our expectations about this team - more games like today are likely to happen
  • This is because we are on rebuild number 50 since ‘07 and nothing has had time to take hold yet
  • As long as we don’t blow up at the end of the year, we’re still on the right track.

Also, I really hate dropped passes and missed tackles, and we had plenty of both today. To listen simply click the player at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can select an episode in the widget just between the article and comments’ section (of not just this but every DBN story). Or, just go here.

If you’d ever like to do your own thing here on the ‘Network, hit me up:

It’ll get better y’all. Thanks for listening and Go Browns!

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