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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: BBB 9/19/17

Robo & Ska talk Browns/Ravens

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So this is a very special edition of BBB, as our fearless hosts suffered a malfunction shortly into the program which rendered Ska’s mic muted for a lengthy portion. To compensate for this I, possessed of immaculate skill in this regard, covered it up in ways that you (the totally oblivious listener) will never be able to tell. Although you should know that Robo gets a bit long-winded before the first break.

That said, they delve into a number of specifics with respect to the Cleveland Browns:

  • Kizer’s performance Sunday
  • Defensive secondary performance
  • Hue Jackson’s big-picture strategy
  • Wide Receiver depth

And of course, what they’re drinking. To listen simply hit the player at the top of the screen, the widget located between the article and comments’ section (of not just this but every DBN article) or just click here.

If you find my editing job less than stellar (gasp!) and think you can do a better job of things, we welcome you! Shoot me a note at

Thanks for listening!

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