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DE Myles Garrett out of walking boot - may be ready against Colts

Myles Garrett is out of the walking boot, may be ready against the Colts

NFL: New York Giants at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns’ #1 overall pick for the 2017 draft, Defensive End Myles Garrett, has progressed sufficiently in his recovery from a high ankle sprain such that his walking boot no longer appears required. Today at practice, Garrett was spotted working out on the stationary bike sans boot, and later in the locker room with just a wrap around his leg.

All of this heightens the speculation that Garrett may be available to play this Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

When asked about how close Myles was from playing, Hue responded:

Close, close... Let’s just see where he is, but he’s getting there. The progress, there’s been huge progress that’s been made. Hopefully, we’ll see where he is.

Hue would not rule out Garrett against the Colts.

At this point it is unclear whether the Browns are purposefully coloring his condition in a way to lead the Indianapolis coaching staff into undertaking unnecessary preparations, or if Garrett really is this close to returning. In any case, news of Garrett’s progression is decidedly positive, and his return will provide a boon to what has already been a solid defensive unit.

Garrett suffered a high ankle sprain on September 6th, when a teammate inadvertently rolled onto his foot during practice. Coming out of the preseason, Garrett won the Maurice-Bassett award as “most outstanding rookie in camp”, and was expected to make an immediate impact starting at defensive end.