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Browns DE Myles Garrett returns to team drills, sparking confidence of defense

He’s back!

Erik Drost on Flickr

He’s baccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Cleveland Browns fans got the news they’ve all been waiting for on Thursday when the team showed footage of first overall pick Myles Garrett returning to practice. It was the first time he’s participated in drills since leading up to the Steelers game in Week 1, when he suffered a high ankle sprain.

After practice, head coach Hue Jackson confirmed that Garrett not only participated in individual drills, but participated in team drills as well. For those who don’t follow practice too much, it’s typically a really good sign that someone will play on Sunday if they are able to participate in team drills. Jackson added that Garrett “looked good and like himself,” but that they would continue to evaluate him, especially when it comes to what his pain tolerance is:

“I want to see what the pain tolerance is, if there is still pain and exactly how he feels. Watch the tape and make sure that the practice was what I thought it was for him and then get with our medical staff, as I just said, and go from there.”

If all of that checks out, Jackson was asked what type of boost he can offer on Sunday.

“[A huge boost]. He is a really good player. I think we know that. He would give us a lift obviously rushing the passer and doing those things. That would be a jolt to our football team. ... [but] we have to make sure that we are correct on this. We don’t want to have a setback or anything like that.”

Teammates were quick to praise the instant impact he can gave: