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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 09/06/17

Ez Welcomes A Special Guest To The Program

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As Hurricane Irma prepares to utterly destroy the entire south, two Floridians take some time to talk Browns in preparation for the other big thing happening this week: opening day against the Stillers! For the first time since the draft and also the first time ever on this program, Matt Mramer, the host of Brownie Bytes joins me for a decidedly non-hurricane conversation, focusing instead on the upcoming season for our beloved (r)orange helmets.

Among other thib:

  • Such a different outlook from draft day
  • DeShone Kizer’s unexpected impressive performance thus far
  • Reasonable expectations for his rookie season
  • Gregg Williams, and why it matters
  • The curious John Greco decision
  • Deep love but honest assessment of Joe Haden
  • Why Corey Coleman is going to catch 200 balls this year (I may be exaggerating a bit about how much we actually talk about this but suriously, he’s gonna be good)
  • How good can this defense actually be? (spoiler: AT LEAST not bad)
  • Reasonable expectations for the entire year, and beyond

AND MORE! Tune in by hitting the player at the top of the screen, or the one in between the article and comments’ section. Alternatively, you can simply go here.

Matt’s a joy to talk to and I appreciated his time on the program. Would be likewise grateful for any of your feedback should you decide to impart it in the comment’s section below. You can also always send your direct criticisms (which are highly encouraged) to:

Thanks for listening!

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