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The streak ends: Chris Tabor is no longer the Browns’ special teams coordinator

Tabor had been with the Browns since 2011, surviving four different head coaches.

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have just seen their first coaching departure of the offseason, and it’s their longest-reigning one. On Wednesday, it was revealed that special teams coordinator Chris Tabor is returning to the Chicago Bears to work under new head coach Matt Nagy in the same position.

Tabor had been with the Browns since 2011. Yes, that is not a typo. He was first hired during the Pat Shurmur era, replacing former special teams coordinator Brad Seely. In 2013, Rob Chudzinski kept him on. In 2014, Mike Pettine kept him on. And in 2016, Hue Jackson kept him on. It was an unfathomable streak given today’s NFL and how few coordinators stick with their clubs after head coaching changes.

Prior to 2011, Tabor worked as an assistant special teams coordinator with the Bears, and there have always been murmurs that he’s highly thought of around the league. (shrugs) According to Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune, Tabor was not fired by the Browns; Jackson agreed to let him out of his contract.