God will ?@#! you up if you don't send Trump's Hot-n-Milfy "pastor" money!"

My god people. I know no actual Trumpies are going to read this, but if they did.... well, no. At this point I'm pretty sure nothing will dissuade a Trumpie from being a Trumpie. There are reasons for how you got like that and reasons for why you're not coming back any time soon. Like Fo Sho. In fact, this whole thing is probably only going to result in more donations to this lady and her "church."

But on some alternate timeline, the fact that this lady is Trump's long-time "spiritual advisor," who pays for various plastic surgeries and breast augmentations with "church" funds (much to the consternation of various tax agencies and creditors that went begging in her church's 29 million dollar bankrupty) who is currently haranguing people to send her a month's salary or face god's wrath... well, that would make a dent.

Botox, Breast augmentation, cheek sculpting, etc.

As it is, I have a feeling this is just going to be seen as evidence that Trump is a total gentleman and man of white Jesus-god. I mean, look at him concentrating fiercely on that chair and how to pull it out properly, AND NOTHING ELSE. Or else they get off on how naked this fraud is, like it just totally exposes the system or something. I dunno. Explain it to me Trumpies. I honestly do want to get this.

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