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Joe Thomas on the Dan Patrick Show: Browns’ QB situation, and what if the team drafts a left tackle

Thomas continues his media tour.

San Francisco 49ers v Cleveland Browns

On Friday, Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show (available on AT&T AUDIENCE Network) for a 13-minute interview. You can watch the segment below, and then I’ve also included a bullet point summary of what Thomas had to say:

  • He’s not actively recruiting Drew Brees for the Browns; he was just saying that [previously] to make a point that Cleveland isn’t too far off. Patrick playfully asked, ‘what if Drew said I’ll come to Cleveland, but I need to make sure [Thomas] will be there for three more years.’ Thomas’ response to Patrick was, ‘can we give him my number?’
  • Thomas acknowledged the speculation that they’ll go after Alex Smith in free agency, and he said if that happens, the Browns should take a quarterback at No. 1 or No. 4 overall. But, if the team signs a younger quarterback like Kirk Cousins, then Cleveland doesn’t need to take a quarterback that high. At that point, you can just take the best players available, or trade back a couple of spots to a team that wants one of those quarterbacks.
  • “What if the Browns decide to take an [offensive] tackle at No. 4 overall?” asked Patrick. Thomas said he thinks it would be smart. He’s 33 years old, and no matter what he decides to do in 2018, he wouldn’t have many seasons left under his belt.
  • He has not made a decision yet for 2018. The decision will just come down to his overall health. “Am I healthy enough to play another season?”
  • Humor is the best way to deal with difficult situations, and that’s been his coping mechanism the past few years with the Browns.
  • 2015 was the last time Thomas got in a good training camp fight.