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What is DeShone Kizer worth in a trade?

One NFL general manager reportedly thinks DeShone Kizer is worth a fourth-round pick.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

It was hard gauging DeShone Kizer’s value leading up to the 2017 NFL draft, and it’s an even trickier task as the Cleveland Browns prepare to presumably draft a quarterback in 2018 with either of their top four picks.

One NFL general manager mused that he would offer a fourth-round pick for Kizer, a promising but still very green passer, per Walter Football’s Charlie Campbell.

Kizer’s rookie season was promising at times, disastrous at others, but generally underwhelming when viewed as an entire body of work. You can attribute some of that inconsistency to youth—Kizer turned 22 years old on January 8—some of it to Hue Jackson’s rigid scheme design that seemed better suited for a veteran quarterback, and then some of it perhaps to inadequacies in Kizer’s skill-set.

But you can’t write the young signal-caller off, at least not yet. And that’s why, should the Browns choose to trade him, you’ll hear plenty of other league executives musing about potentially acquiring him.

One general manager thinks he’s worth a fourth-rounder, but there’s possibly others out there who would go higher for the chance to ride his potential into the next few seasons to see how he develops.

While Kizer may not have done enough on the field to persuade new Browns general manager John Dorsey from drafting a top quarterback, he’s still intriguing enough to keep around. After investing a second-round pick in him, the Browns should be the team that gets to see where that development leads him.

And it’s not like Sashi Brown didn’t leave a full cupboard of picks for Dorsey to work with, so there’s no real need for picks to justify trading him at this point.