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Browns fans, where is your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl?

Home? A friend’s house? A big party?

Superbowl Superbash Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images

Today’s network-wide theme post about the Super Bowl asks where our favorite place to watch the Super Bowl is.

Every Super Bowl that I’ve watched, except for one, has been at home. One year when I was in college, there was a “Super Bowl party” with free food and the game being shown on a projector in the recreation center. That was fun, but ultimately, I’ve preferred staying at home with all of my snacks and usually an order of pizza. Also, even though I understand that the Super Bowl is very much a spectacle, I’m still very in tune with the action on the field.

I would think it’d be interesting to see a Super Bowl in Las Vegas once, to witness first hand the emotions people go through after all the bets they’ve placed (and it’d also be fun to have a little money on some of the prop bets for once).

I’m sure that my Super Bowl festivities are very pedestrian compared to many of you, so please, share with us in the comments section where your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl is!