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The 2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl - A Chance To Stand Out

Open Thread For DBN’ers Scouting Select Prospects

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-North Practice
Baker Mayfield is the man, and it looks like he will play
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

As we Cleveland Browns’ fans gear up for The Most Important Offseason Of Our Lifetimes 2018, the next significant step in that journey involves the playing and watching of the Reese’s Senior Bowl, being played today in Mobile, Alabama. This will serve as the open thread to comment on the game action, and (most importantly) to make snap-judgments about what we are seeing. I seriously love this time of year.

A fairly major storyline throughout the week has been the unsure nature of Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield’s participation. He had missed a portion of the initial proceedings as his mother was dealing with some health concerns back home. However apparently those concerns can be assuaged as it looks as though he will be playing in today’s contest:

There will certainly be keen interest in both his play and that of Wyoming Quarterback Josh Allen, who is thought to be in consideration of the Browns first pick in the April draft (which, of course, is the first overall). Personally, I see the difference in quality between Mayfield and Allen to be best represented by this short video:

However it’s not just about the Quarterbacks; Browns’ fans will be able to take a look at prospects from every position group as we utilize the epic multitude of draft picks in our possession. Here are the respective rosters of the two squads, and you can get a complete listing of that here. The game is being carried NFL Network.