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Kenny Britt says ‘everything’ is different from New England to Cleveland; offers little other comment

The former Browns receiver briefly talks about Cleveland vs. New England.

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions

Players on the Patriots, Eagles, and other teams around the NFL are getting their spot in the media limelight this week leading up to the Super Bowl. That includes former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Kenny Britt.

We’ve already been over the fact that Britt was a disappointment both on- and off-the-field, and then new GM John Dorsey acted swiftly in cutting him. The Patriots picked him up, and now he has a chance to win a Super Bowl ring even though he will probably be inactive (he has been idle for both of the team’s postseason games).

SB Nation had the chance to interview Britt at Super Bowl Media Day. When asked about how he felt about his former team, Britt was pretty mum on the matter:

“Dilly dilly,” said Britt. “That’s all I got to say.” When asked what the difference was between the Browns and the Patriots? “Um, dilly dilly,” he re-iterated. We’re used to hearing that type of reaction from Britt, as he often ignored the media in Cleveland. However, I can’t blame him too much for basically offering no comment in this context; he has nothing to gain by throwing the Browns under the bus any further.

He did open up a little more to, saying this when asked about the difference between New England and Cleveland:

“The biggest change? Everything. It’s a completely different atmosphere and culture. I can’t pinpoint one thing.”

Again, that’s not really an unreasonable statement. We’re talking about an 0-16 franchise vs. a one that can get to the Super Bowl year after year in their sleep. It’s just annoying because it’s coming from Britt, a guy who played a role in the lows of the Browns’ low season.