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Report: Browns offered multiple picks, including 2nd rounder, for Alex Smith

Cleveland was willing to pay part of the price, but didn’t want that long-term of a commitment to Alex Smith.

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs
“Go higher.”
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On Wednesday, a few more details came out regarding what the Cleveland Browns were offering for QB Alex Smith. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, the team was willing to part ways with either No. 33 or No. 35, “but weren’t prepared to sign him to the blockbuster extension that the Redskins did.”

Benjamin Albright talked with Nathan Zegura on Browns Daily and confirmed that Smith “chose” the Redskins because of the long-term deal they were offering. That adds some confirmation to my belief that the Chiefs organization were partially looking to do right by Smith by allowing him to have some input on where he was traded.

Contrasting from Cabot’s report, Albright says that the Browns offered multiple picks. He also adds that the Denver Broncos were willing to give up a 2nd round pick and CB Aqib Talib. Jason La Canfora also weighed in on the matter:

Now, we continue to ponder who the Browns turn their attention to next in the pursuit of a veteran quarterback.