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Everything to know about the Browns’ Perfect Season Parade

The date, time, weather, and how you can watch online.

Erik Drost on Flickr

The Cleveland Browns achieved imperfection this season by finishing with a record of 0-16. It was an improbable feat, considering the team narrowly escaped it and the threat of the parade the previous year, when they finished 1-15. I was raged about the thought of a parade back then, but like many other people I’m hearing now, I am just kind of neutral to the whole thing.

Personally, I want no part of it, if for nothing more than my fear of being captured in footage from the parade that will then forever be used in video segments about the Browns’ constant futility. But, this year, I’ve grown to understand the sentiment that the parade is more like a cry for help from Browns fans — please, we love this team so much and are desperate for the time when we’ll be able to cheer again.

With all of that in mind, here is everything you need to know about the parade. You can follow the organizer of the parade, Chris McNeil, on Twitter @Reflog_18.


Date: Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM ET
Parking: The Muni Lot, as well as most gameday lots.


The route will begin at the corner of Erieside Avenue and Alfred Lerner Way (see the red pin on the map below). The route will circle the stadium once.

Shane “Rover” French, who hosts “Rover’s Morning Glory” on WMMS in Cleveland, will be the grand marshal of the parade.

Do I Need to Register to Participate?

There are two types of people going to this event: those actually marching in the parade, and those who will simply be spectators. If you simply want to watch the parade in person, then all you need to do is show up.

If you actually want to march and/or be in a vehicle in the parade route, though, you must go here and register and then pick up your tickets during the allotted timeslots. People marching in the parade must be at the staging area by 11:00 AM on Saturday.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

It will be freezing cold. The temperature will be about 6 degrees, but the wind (16 MPH) will make it feel like -12 degrees. No precipitation is expected. Please make sure you are dressed in multiple layers, especially warm gloves and a scarf.

I’m Not Going, Can I Still Follow the Parade?

The word is that FOX 8 ( will be streaming the parade live, and other local outlets are also expected to carry some live footage. There should also be plenty of clips all over Twitter. Channel 19 has also confirmed they’ll be covering it live on multiple outlets:

Charitable Causes

Donations are being accepted on the organizer’s GoFundMe page. After all parade expenses are covered, all additional proceeds are going to the Cleveland Food Bank. In addition, several sponsors are also contributing; two dating sites just pledged $8,000 to the Cleveland Food Bank. You can also bring food items to the parade to donate.

Jump in the Lake T-Shirt

We’re selling “Jump in the Lake” T-shirts at Breaking T. Although you won’t get them in time for the parade, it’s a unique shirt to help poke fun at this season’s misery, and the impending lake jump that Hue Jackson will have to do.

Are You Attending?

Browns fans, what are your thoughts on the parade? And are there any regular commenters who will be attending?