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Cleveland Browns Perfect Season Parade - Live Blog

Everything you need to know about Saturday’s parade around FirstEnergy Stadium.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Today, a subset of Cleveland Browns fans gather to celebrate/protest the team’s 0-16 season with the “Perfect Season Parade.” I’ve made it clear that I’m not in favor of the parade, but that I understand its purpose and why there is an interest in it.

Because the event is topical to the history of the Browns, I will live blogs news related to it for the next couple of hours. Newest updates will appear at the top of the thread. We also published a primer that includes all of the basics (start time, weather, etc).

Here is the live stream of the Browns parade that was aired by Channel 19 (WOIO):

Fans gather for 0-16 Cleveland Browns parade

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Saturday, January 6, 2018

2:00 PM: Our live blog is over. My thoughts on the parade and the comments by Ogbah and Shelton can be found here.

12:50 PM: We have our estimate from the Cleveland Police:

12:47 PM: About five minutes ago, the crowd started to disperse as the parade basically came to an end. Here was a video shot of the quarterback graveyard:

12:27 PM: DT Danny Shelton is adding to what he said earlier, pouring more fuel into the flames. Now, he’s saying the parade is the type of things that will make players not want to play in Cleveland:

12:12 PM: We’re watching the parade live streams at the moment, as should you if you’re looking for live coverage. Not a terrible turnout:

11:59 AM: Just prior to the parade kickoff, here are the fans lined up:

11:55 AM: DT Danny Shelton has now weighed in on the matter, siding with teammate DE Emmanuel Ogbah from earlier:

11:54 AM: Some more messages for Jimmy Haslam:

11:38 AM: Big Bird has arrived:

11:20 AM: From 92.3 the Fan, Daryl Ruiter posted a video of the vehicles lined up for the parade:

11:16 AM: Forget the parade — I would’ve gone down there just to get a photo next to a Ghostbusters car:

11:15 AM: This one got a chuckle out of me:

11:10 AM: A couple of more photos posted: the parade queen, we may be cold but this team needs sold, and Bernie Kosar for Browns Player Personnel.

11:03 AM: It’s still early, but there are only a couple 100 fans in the parking lot, per Tom Withers of the Associated Press:

10:59 AM: The hearse is ready.

10:56 AM: We know there will be a few live streams starting soon, and we will share all of the links to those when they become available. Also, Ogbah’s tweet from earlier has sparked a ton of reaction, as it already has over 600+ comments on Twitter. The general reaction seems to be fans telling Ogbah not to tell long-time Browns fans that they aren’t real fans. Here is what Matt Wood of DBN said on our Twitter feed:

10:35 AM: Courtesy of WKYC, we have an example of an anti-parade person who arrived early.

10:30 AM: It’s the calm before the storm.

10:25 AM: Here are the temperatures and wind chills for the next couple of hours. However, it should be noted that the parade is right on the damn lake, so you can expect it to feel a bit colder. Speaking of the lake, if you haven’t already, consider getting one of your own “Jump in the Lake” t-shirts.

10:20 AM: As of this morning, the organizer of the parade, Chris McNeil, said that the parade costs were about $9,000. The donations on the GoFundMe page $15,000, and an outside sponsorship by dating sites were $8,000. All of the extra money is being donated to the Cleveland Food Bank, which means that about $14,000 have been raised so far to go to providing meals.

10:10 AM: Who is JW Johnson? If you remember, we covered that back in November (he’s Jimmy Haslam’s son-in-law). Here is what he thinks of the parade:

10:05 AM: If you’re wondering what some players think of the Browns parade, DE Emmanuel Ogbah is shaming those who are partaking in it:

Former Browns CB Joe Haden called the parade “lame”:

10:00 AM: Let’s establish the timeline for today’s events. At 11:00 AM ET, everyone who is participating in the parade needs to have checked in to the staging area. Various local news stations will be streaming the parade online, which we’ll be following. The parade itself begins at 12:00 PM ET. The parade route is below.