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NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Browns fans should use this as an open thread to discuss the game!

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday, Jan. 6th (4:35 PM): Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

I will say that it is a little frustrating that two teams that finished with a 9-7 record ended up making the playoffs. A decade earlier (2007), the Browns, under Derek Anderson, finished with a 10-6 record. The Indianapolis Colts, already having locked up the AFC South, benched everyone and gifted the Titans a Week 17 victory. Despite the Titans also finishing 10-6, they owned a tiebreaker in the common opponents category.

It’s easy to label the Titans as the easiest opponent in this year’s playoffs. If you want the most proof of that, consider the fact that they could only score field goals against the Browns back in October, and had to take them to overtime before winning 12-9. The Titans feature a good run defense, but they don’t excel in any one particular area on offense.

The Chiefs’ defense ended up being pretty bad in 2017, with (in my opinion) the loss of Eric Berry being a key factor in that. I thought they were the best team in football with their 5-0 start, which included wins over both No. 1 seeds in the NFL to begin the year. Before you could blink, though, their record was 6-6. The good thing is that they finished the season strong, winning their final four games. The Chiefs should win this game without sweating too much. Chiefs 27, Titans 17

Browns fans should use this as an open thread to discuss the game!