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Browns’ defensive snap counts, stats, and PFF notes: Week 4

The injury to Terrance Mitchell had a disastrous ripple effect on the rest of the secondary.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Below, we analyze the snap counts and stats on defense for the Cleveland Browns’ Week 4 game against the Oakland Raiders.

Defensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
DL Myles Garrett 87 95% 7 tackles, 2 assists (9 combined). 0.5 sack, 1 TFL, 2 QH.
DL Larry Ogunjobi 79 86% 3 tackles (3 combined). 1 TFL, 2 QH.
DL Emmanuel Ogbah 74 80% 2 tackles, 1 assist (3 combined). 2 passes defended.
DL Trevon Coley 56 61% 1 tackle, 3 assists (4 combined).
DL Chris Smith 5 5% 1 tackle (1 combined).
DL Carl Davis 5 5% No stats registered.
DL Chad Thomas 5 5% No stats registered.
DL Anthony Zettel 5 5% No stats registered.
  • I am still puzzled at what has led to such a dramatic shift in defensive line reps for Gregg Williams from 2017 to 2018. Again, I am 100% on board with playing Myles Garrett for the majority of the game, but this was another overtime game and he was on the field for 95% of the snaps. Can’t that number be lowered just a tad? Chris Smith showed some really good things the past two games, but this week, with the return of Emmanuel Ogbah, Smith only played a total of 5 snaps.
  • Garrett had 9 tackles — although Cleveland struggled to bring down Marshawn Lynch at times, Garrett was making run stops left and right. Per PFF:

Myles Garrett looked like a number one overall pick out there in Oakland. Garrett was a handful for the left side of Oakland’s offensive line all afternoon, both in the running game and as a pass-rusher. Garrett came close to double-digit stops in this one and was able to tally a sack in addition to a handful of pressures.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
LB Joe Schobert 92 100% 7 tackles, 7 assists (14 combined). 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 QH.
LB Christian Kirksey 83 90% 4 tackles, 1 assist (5 combined).
LB Jamie Collins 52 57% 2 tackles, 3 assists (5 combined). 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 QH, 1 pass defended.
LB Genard Avery 42 46% 2 tackles, 1 assist (3 combined). 0.5 sack, 4 QH.
  • Joe Schobert led the Browns with 14 tackles, playing every snap out of 92. He also registered the team’s first sack of the game, and Jamie Collins had a sack later on. Schobert was boxed out by TE Jared Cook on one of his touchdown grabs over the middle. Some good defense in another instance led to an interception for CB E.J. Gaines.
  • Christian Kirksey played a lot of snaps (90%) in his first week back.
  • Genard Avery continues to generate pressure, having 4 quarterback hits on Derek Carr.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
CB Denzel Ward 92 100% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined).
CB T.J. Carrie 68 74% 7 tackles, 5 assists (12 combined). 1 TFL.
CB E.J. Gaines 42 46% 3 tackles, 2 assists (5 combined). 1 pass defended, 1 INT.
CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun 33 36% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined).
CB Terrance Mitchell 17 18% 3 tackles (3 combined). 1 pass defended.
  • Denzel Ward played every snap, but had a very quiet game — my initial instinct is that he wasn’t targeted very often.
  • The biggest defensive issue in this game was the loss of Terrance Mitchell, who now appears to be out for the season. Mitchell had a strong start to the game, but after his exit, T.J. Carrie played and was abused the rest of the game by the Raiders’ receivers. The play we saw from Carrie against Oakland is reminiscent of what Corey Coleman was doing to him in training camp, and look where Coleman is now. Carrie is definitely the one bust that John Dorsey acquired this offseason.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
S Damarious Randall 83 90% 6 tackles (6 combined). 1 TFL, 2 passes defended, 1 INT.
S Derrick Kindred 55 60% 2 tackles (2 combined).
S Jabrill Peppers 37 40% No stats registered.
  • Although he gave up the last touchdown to TE Jared Cook, this looked to be another great game for FS Damarious Randall. He had an interception with a long return, and later made a great read and tackle in the open field in the red zone.
  • The Browns are definitely sticking with their rotation at safety between Derrick Kindred and Jabrill Peppers. Something seems wrong about the fact that the defense was on the field for 92 plays, and your first-round safety from a year ago couldn’t find a way to get on the stat sheet, though.
  • From PFF, the Browns were fortunate their secondary issues on Sunday weren’t worse:

It was a rough game for Cleveland’s secondary as an entire unit. Oakland receivers were able to get separation and find holes in Cleveland’s zones fairly consistently throughout the afternoon, and when a pass did fall incomplete, it was usually because of a drop or an off-target throw.