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Nick Chubb deserves more carries, so what is the problem?

Head coach Hue Jackson says team will use rookie more, but then nothing changes on game days.

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns rookie running back Nick Chubb has had a consistent season so far.

Consistent, as in he has had two or three carries in every game.

Chubb caught the NFL by surprise in Week 4 as he ripped off touchdown runs of 65 and 41 yards against the Oakland Raiders, part of a game that saw him rush for 105 yards on just three carries.

A day like that would seem to warrant more opportunities, especially for a player who is averaging 10.8 yards per carry, which would be tops in the NFL if Chubb had enough carries.

But that has not been the case as Chubb followed up with three carries against the Baltimore Ravens and three carries against the Los Angeles Chargers.

So what gives?

The Browns could be more comfortable with having Carlos Hyde, a fifth-year veteran on the field. But while he has been productive near the goal line, Hyde is averaging a career-low 3.4 yards per carry, so whatever veteran “savvy” he brings to the field is offset a bit by his lack of production.

It is not as if teams don’t turn to rookies to help out in the running game. The New England Patriots, for example, seem to be doing pretty well with giving rookie Sony Michel 91 carries, including games of 24 and 25 rushes.

Maybe head coach Hue Jackson has some answers.

On October 3, Jackson had this to say about Chubb:

“(We just have to give him more carries. There is nothing holding him back. We just have to stick him out there. We need to do a better job of making sure that he has a series or two each half and go from there.”

On October 10, after Chubb had three carries against the Ravens:

“You find it the best you can. We still handed it to – we handed it to Nick – but like I told you guys, it is not always going to be 63 yards and 41 yard touchdowns runs. Those are hard to find.”

On October 15, after Chubb had three carries against the Chargers:

“We need to get more. There’s nothing else to say. We need to get him more chances, but sometimes the game changes, you get behind and you need Duke Johnson out there because that’s what he does well - catch the ball and run it. That’s what you were seeing yesterday. As these games get a little closer, they do not get too far away and we can get up whatever that is, we do need to give Nick Chubb more carries.”

So there you have it, Browns fans - the team just needs to give Chubb more carries.

Now if there was only some way that the self-proclaimed CEO of the team could find a way to accomplish that task.