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NFL Power Rankings: Browns don’t take drastic hit in Week 7

Meanwhile, the rest of the AFC North is log-jammed at the back end of the Top 10 rankings.

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 7.

CBS Sports - No. 24 (down 4 spots)

The defense came back to Earth a little bit against the Chargers. They have a winnable road game at Tampa against the Bucs this week.

SB Nation - No. 19 (down 2 spots) - No. 20 (down 4 spots)

What a deflating way to follow up a gutty Week 5 win. On Sunday, the Browns never shifted out of neutral, allowing the Chargers to pull ahead early. After bolting ahead by multiple scores, Anthony Lynn’s group ran, ran and ran some more, to the tune of 246 yards on the ground. Unlike all season, Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland offense couldn’t pull closer to their opponents. First, Mayfield’s receivers continued dropping like flies, with Rod Streaterbeing the latest to go down. And the guys who played made up for it by dropping three passes in the end zone. Fun for the whole family!

MMQB - No. 24 (down 1 spot)

This was the first game of the season that the Browns were never really in. But that happens from time-to-time during the season. They’re still a much-improved team.

Yahoo Sports - No. 22 (down 2 spots)

It was telling to hear quarterback Baker Mayfield take the blame for the Browns’ 38-14 loss to the Chargers, although he played through an ankle injury he suffered when he slipped on a first-down marker on the field, his receivers dropped numerous passes and the defense gave up a ton of big plays. “Anytime you don’t do your job, I’m at fault for the majority of that,” Mayfield said according to “I’m going to be very hard on myself.” There were many things that went wrong other than Mayfield, but that’s what you want your quarterback to say.

ESPN - No. 22 (down 4 spots)

Playoff chances: 0.6 percent. The Browns have a plus-9 turnover margin in three starts made by Tyrod Taylor and a minus-2 turnover margin in Baker Mayfield’s three starts.

Associated Press - No. 24 (down 8 spots)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
CBS Sports 10 24 5 7
SB Nation 8 19 6 10 10 20 7 8
MMQB 10 24 12 7
Yahoo Sports 12 22 9 11
ESPN 7 22 5 9
Associated Press 8 24 6 9
Average 9.3
(down 2.7)
(down 3.5)
(up 3.9)
(up 4.0)