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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: The Browns Beat Ep. 3 with Hoag and Higdon

The Browns Wire’s Jeff Risdon joined Hoag and Higdon to talk about the Browns’ disappointing loss in Oakland, and looking ahead to Baltimore.

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The Browns Wire’s Jeff Risdon joins hosts Michael Hoag and Justin Higdon for The Browns Beat Podcast: Episode 3.

Well, that ending in Oakland was less than ideal, and much more like the “old” Browns than the team we have seen so far in 2018. That’s not entirely true, because the tie in Week 1 and loss in Week 2 were both winnable games if not for tons of special teams lapses.

So, the Browns are definitely better, and they have been competitive, but what’s going to happen next? How will they respond?

Hoag and Higdon covered a ton this week, but here’s a brief and digestible show recap:

  • Carlos Hyde got a first down, and then the Browns won. But then the call was reversed, unconvincingly, and then the Browns lost instead
  • Hoag said he'd stop talking about referees
  • Browns vs. Oakland Recap
  • Baker Mayfield’s first NFL start went OK, but he made one huge mistake
  • Hoag said he’d stop talking about referees, but he didn’t
  • Jeff Risdon (@JeffRisdon) brought some positivity into our lives
  • Jeff also gave his prediction for this week’s game against Baltimore
  • Mike and Justin’s key matchups and predictions for Week 5
  • All the kicker content you’ll ever need
  • Justin served up a Hot Take by Baker Mayfield’s unofficial—but kind of official—stalker

Risdon is a long-time NFL draft evaluator, writer, and friend of the show. It was great bringing him in to evaluate the Browns’ young players, and also get his takes on some of the most pressing issues facing the Browns moving forward.

Enough of the talk, listen by clicking the link below, or at the widget below any DBN post. And be sure to follow @DawgsByNature and @TheBrownsBeat on Twitter for any and all show updates.

We’ll be taking questions for the show every week, so send those to BrownsBeat before 2 p.m. on Monday, and we’ll get those on the air.

Thanks as always for listening, and we’re looking forward to talking about the Browns getting back in the win column after their Week 5 home game against the Ravens.