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Browns’ offensive snap counts, stats, and PFF notes: Week 7

Cleveland gets a big performance from Jarvis Landry, but not from the other receivers.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Below, we analyze the snap counts and stats on offense for the Cleveland Browns’ Week 7 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Player Plays % Stats
Player Plays % Stats
Baker Mayfield 68 100% 23-of-34 (67.6%) for 215 yards, 2 TD. 4 rushes, 43 yards.
  • We saw a very neutered version of Baker Mayfield in the first half, particularly on third down, when he would continuously check down quickly to the crossing receiver well short of the first down. Mayfield found his groove in the second half and was better when he let it rip and didn’t think about things.
  • Per PFF, Mayfield was 15-of-20 with two touchdowns when taking 2.5 seconds or less to throw. On plays 2.5 seconds or longer, he was 8-of-14 and took five sacks.

Running Back

Player Plays % Stats
Player Plays % Stats
Nick Chubb 45 66% 18 carries, 80 yards (4.4 YPC). 1 TD. 0 catches (2 targets).
Duke Johnson 35 51% 1 carry, -4 yards (-4.0 YPC). 4 catches, 23 yards (4 targets).
  • With Carlos Hyde out of the mix, the Browns stuck with two backs and gave Nick Chubb a season-high 18 carries as he played two third of the game. There were quite a few plays where both Chubb and Duke Johnson were on the field at the same time.
  • Johnson’s actual utilization seemed to take a step back this week. The team tried using him on receiver screens early on, but a penalty called one of his plays back. Considering the Buccaneers’ linebackers were all banged up, this felt like a big missed opportunity for Cleveland.
  • Per PFF, Chubb forced three missed tackles and was 9th in the league this week with a 3.39 yard average after contact. He was only a pass blocker on two snaps, and did not allow a pressure on either one.

Wide Receiver

Player Plays % Stats
Player Plays % Stats
Jarvis Landry 67 99% 10 catches, 97 yards (15 targets). 1 TD.
Antonio Callaway 51 75% 1 catch, 14 yards (2 targets).
Damion Ratley 40 59% 3 catches, 23 yards (3 targets).
Breshad Perriman 11 16% 1 catch, 6 yards (1 target).
  • There’s the type of game I want to see from Jarvis Landry. It’s the first time we’ve seen his mojo on display in weeks, and that is the attitude and type of catches we need to fire the team up. Landry caught a touchdown pass and received a team-high 83.5 grade on offense for Cleveland.
  • The rest of the receivers were pretty much non-existent. Antonio Callaway had one catch, and Damion Ratley had 3 catches for 23 yards. Considering how bad the Buccaneers’ secondary was, it wasn’t good that the team couldn’t get more separation.

Tight End

Player Plays % Stats
Player Plays % Stats
David Njoku 57 84% 4 catches, 52 yards (6 targets). 1 TD.
Darren Fells 24 35% No stats registered.
Orson Charles 9 13% No stats registered.
  • Add another drop to the resume of David Njoku, but it is a little encouraging to see him making some more athletic grabs as the weeks go on. It’s not that I want to live with drops, but they become a tad more bearable if he’s actually producing throughout the rest of the game.
  • No snaps on offense for Seth DeValve (shrugs).

Offensive Line

Player Plays % Stats
Player Plays % Stats
Desmond Harrison 68 100%
Joel Bitonio 68 100%
JC Tretter 68 100%
Kevin Zeitler 68 100%
Chris Hubbard 68 100%
Austin Corbett 1 1%
  • The Browns allowed five sacks.
  • RT Chris Hubbard has been getting on PFF’s good side the past few weeks. He graded 4th on offense this week with a grade of 71.1.