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Cleveland Browns Podcast - The LongTable 10/28/18

Gin & Tonic talks Browns

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Joining us prior to today’s kickoff to discuss some Cleveland Browns is our good friend Gin_And_Tonic with the latest offering of The Longtable. In this episode he has some guests to extrapolate upon our shared anguish (which admittedly is marginally down this season) looking both back and forward:

  • Last week’s standard heart-breaking loss to the hapless Buccaneers
  • Looking ahead to this week against Pittsburgh
  • The referees: it’s getting ridiculous
  • Ups and downs of an almost brownier year than usual

Give it a listen - hit the player at the top of this page. Also, embedded in between the article and comments’ section of this and every DBN article is a little widget where you can not only hear this program, but get a quick look at the last several dozen (or so) ‘casts that have been done overall on the ‘Network. We are also now available on Apple Podcasts, so there’s literally no excuse not to listen, but just in case you come with one, here’s more ways to hear it:

Always appreciate feedback in the comments’ section below, thanks for listening and GO BROWNS!