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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Ez Does It SPECIAL Hue Jackson Fired!

A big day in Berea, much to discuss

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Yesterday the Browns played one of the more uninspired and lackluster games any of us can remember, which is profound. News then broke earlier which compelled a special edition of Ez Does It:

Browns fired Hue Jackson today. Can’t say it was a total surprise, though certainly for me personally it was a pleasant one. With him goes Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley, who made it half a season before getting the ax. Gregg Williams now takes over the entire team while also continuing to fulfill his role as Defensive Coordinator. Among other things, we talk about was was discussed in the presser by John Dorsey and Jimmy Haslam, candidly.

There actually is some stuff in here that you probably haven’t thought about, which doesn’t mean it’s any good but you still might enjoy it. It’s a happy day, all things considered.

Give a listen by hitting the player at the top of the page. These shows are also available via Apple Podcasts (look for The DBN Network), or just go here:

Thanks for listening, and GO BROWNS!