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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Ez Does It (Postgame - WE WIN!!!)

Surprisingly awesome performance by the good guys, and the most fun post-game ‘cast I’ve ever had!

For the third time this season, and indeed just the third time ever since we started churning these ‘casts out two (plus) years ago, the post-game program will be that of victory! As this week’s Ez Does It follows the Cleveland Browns surprising and decisive win over the formerly hot Atlanta Falcons.

Moreover, this was the first time we’ve been able to enjoy a win that wasn’t a nail-biter in close to three years, and over a good team in about four. This was what I was hoping the ousting of Hue Jackson (and apparently also Todd Haley) would result in. Now as the team enters the bye week (the Most Important Bye Week Of Our Lifetimes) there again exists real reason for optimism for what this team is going to become as the season progresses.

In case you didn’t notice, our hotshot rookie FQB is really good. Baker Mayfield is the future and is going to be great, but also right now is the present and is thus merely very good. His performance today showed that for some reason or another, he and this team were being held back by the previous regime. No longer.

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Thanks for listening!