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Cleveland Browns Podcast: Absolute 10&6 - So This Is What Winning Feels Like?

Darth & BigTown talk Falcons, Bengals, and everything in between

Our friends Darth Batman and BigTownBrown join us once again for the latest installment of Absolute 10 & 6:

“This week We break down the Atlanta Falcons game, both on the defensive side and offensive side of the football. We also talk about the differences in the game plans between Hue/Haley and Williams/Kitchens. BTB and Darth are absolutely blown away with how well prepared Freddie Kitchens had Baker Mayfield. We also talk ( in brief) about the firing of both Hue and Haley. And touch in short on what we think of the idea of Haley tanking for Hues job, brought to you by The Carolina Browns Backers. There are beers to be drank and Browns to be talked about. Join us in an ice cold beverage and enjoy the show!!!!”

Give it a spin with the player at the top of the page, or pretty much anywhere you enjoy podcasts. Or go here:

Hit these dudes up on the twitter (Darth, BTB) or in the comments’ section below. Thanks for listening!