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NFL Power Rankings: Browns’ rise heading into Week 11 bye

Cleveland jumps to No. 23 again heading into the bye week.

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 11.

CBS Sports - No. 23 (up 4 spots)

They have to be thrilled with where this team is heading after the coaching change. Baker Mayfield is growing by the week.

SB Nation - No. 23 (up 5 spots)

The Browns’ win over the Falcons along with the revived offense under interim head coach Gregg Williams has Cleveland on the rise heading into Week 11. Where have the Browns been hiding Nick Chubb? Against the Falcons, the rookie had 176 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries, including a 92-yard run that was the longest in Browns’ history. With that said, the Browns still live near the bottom of the bunch (23). - No. 22 (up 4 spots)

Healthy jump for the Browns, who might have produced their highest-quality showing of the season in a 28-16 win over the Falcons. The offense showed flashes of what this group can do over the next few seasons, displaying the kind of balance the franchise enjoyed when Brian Sipe was throwing touchdowns to Reggie Rucker, Mike Pruitt was bruising past 100 yards and Calvin Hill was catching passes on third down. There was Baker Mayfield on Sunday, going 17-of-20 for 216 yards (10.8 yards per attempt), three touchdowns and no picks. Nick Chubb darn near chugged his way to 9 yards per carry, haulin’ ass for 176 yards. And Duke Johnson contributed with another touchdown catch. Am I being too much of a Positive Perry here?

MMQB - No. 25 (up 3 spots)


Yahoo Sports - No. 24 (up 3 spots)

Nick Chubb looks like a really good back. Don’t forget, the Browns got him with the draft pick obtained for eating $16 million of Brock Osweiler’s contract. We can argue if that’s a prudent investment, but the Browns probably aren’t complaining.

ESPN - No. 25 (up 1 spot)

Defining stat: 25. The Browns lead the league in forced turnovers, and though that hasn’t led to a lot of victories, it has helped the defense establish a personality. The Browns have aggressive players who play an aggressive style.

Associated Press - No. 22 (up 5 spots)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
CBS Sports 14 23 20 6
SB Nation 14 23 17 5 21 22 12 6
MMQB 21 25 18 5
Yahoo Sports 19 24 17 5
ESPN 17 25 16 5
Associated Press 17 22 20 4
Average 17.6
(down 4.6)
(up 3.7)
(down 1.5)
(up 1.5)