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Addition by Subtraction: A Film Breakdown Of Nick Chubb’s Touchdowns Against the Atlanta Falcons

Streamlining the run game, keeping the defense guessing

Atlanta Falcons v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

When Hue Jackson and Todd Haley got fired, the Browns apparently got rid of a solid chunk of the playbook along with them. In week 10 against the Atlanta Falcons, interim offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens showcased a more streamlined, pared-down playbook.

The Browns ran exclusively zone-blocked running plays against the Falcons (with the exception of Draw plays), and the result was a team that was better prepared to execute. By focusing on one blocking pattern, the Browns were able to eliminate miscommunications and get RB Nick Chubb to daylight.

Another benefit of streamlining the running game was that the Browns were able to hit on some very effective play action fakes, including a screen pass to Chubb that went for a touchdown.

Here’s my breakdown of Chubb’s TDs:

Here’s an old article explaining why focusing on the zone running game is a good idea, and here’s another explaining a little more about Outside Zone.