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Cleveland Browns Podcast, Ez Does It – Pounding The Bengals (Postgame)

Browns play their best game of the year, and one moment in particular was the definition of epic.

It would seem that a corner has been turned for the Cleveland Browns, or is in the process of that having happened. On Sunday the good guys notched their 2nd consecutive impressive win, jumping on top of the Cincinnati Bengals 28-0 en route to an eventual 35-20 drubbing at Paul Brown Stadium. I cover it all during this postgame edition of Ez Does It

There was a particular moment where Damarious Randall intercepted Bengals QB Andy Dalton, and after running out of bounds was face to face with his former head coach, Hue Jackson. Randall, who has been a bit outspoken over the whole Hue-to-Cincinnati paradigm, handed his former coach the ball he just picked, in the most magnificent act of trollery performed on the Browns’ behalf, maybe ever.

However what’s significant to me (and thus I spend some time on it) is what must Hue have been thinking at that moment? What’s he thinking now? It’s not really important one way or the other, but it is fascinating.

Oh yeah, and also cover the Browns biggest win on the road in a hundred million years, Baker Mayfield doing stuff no rookie ever has and the handful of things to complain about after what was a pretty satisfying Sunday.

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