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Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans: Week 13 TV Listings

How can you watch the Browns vs. Texans game on television this week?

The Week 13 game between the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans will air on CBS at 1:00 PM ET. The game will be called by Greg Gumbel, Trent Green, and Bruce Arians. And for fans more intrigued about Arians being the team’s next head coach, it’ll be fun to listen to his commentary again. The areas in green will air the game on TV.

Note: Coverage areas are subject to change. The map is from; click here to see all of their NFL coverage maps this week.


  • Sunday - 1:00 PM ET: Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans (CBS)
  • Sunday - 1:00 PM ET: Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants (FOX)
  • Sunday - 4:25 PM ET: Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots (CBS)
  • Sunday - 8:20 PM ET: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (NBC)
  • Monday - 8:15 PM ET: Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles (ESPN)

We will have open threads on DBN for all Browns and prime time games.