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Cleveland Browns Podcast: The LongTable - Baker Vs The World

Thoughts on Bengals/Browns, Playoffs, and the state of Browns

Our good friend Gin_and_Tonic takes to the mic to talk about the Cleveland Browns in their triumphant week 12 experience. This may be the most excited I’ve ever heard him, among the points:

  • Running the clock down in the 2nd half
  • Prevent offense and prevent defense
  • Freddy calling great games
  • Baker is simply amazing
  • The Hue effect
  • Playoffs (Playoffs(!?!)

Give him a listen either via the player at the top of the page, the widget located in betweeb the article and comments’ section of this and every DBN article, or just by going here:

Always appreciate insight or commentary about all of this in the comments’ section here. These are starting to be pretty exciting times for our Browns, and we intend to continue covering it all via our assortment of ‘casts here on Dawgs By Nature. We are all grateful that you all are out there.

Thanks for listening!