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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Absolute 10 & 6 LoL Hue Jackson

Browns stomp all over the Bengals, Texans up next

On this one I’ll just turn it over to BigTownBrown:

Crack open a cold one and join two of DawgsbyNature’s most wanted BigTownBrown and DarthBatman as we drink beers and talk Browns football.

In this weeks episode we discussed:

The Browns’ dominant performance over the Bungles.

LoL Hue Jackson

Playoffs???? Is it too premature to talk about them?

( don’t know but we did).

Carolina Browns Backers raises money for a doggo in need.

Darth drinks 1 beer and is drunk....

Can we beat the Texans? Maybe.....

All that and more on this weeks show “The Absolute 10&6” the #1 Podcast for Browns fans talking to Browns fans on DawgsbyNature.

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And follow the show @T6Podcast

We hope y’all enjoy, be sure to leave a comment in the comment section and guess what 1 beer got Darth hammered! See you next week!!!!

Yep, like what he said, but also with an action box:

Go Browns!