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Cleveland Browns’ Playoff Possibilities: Week 13 Edition

A list of outcomes that Browns fans should root for this week if they want to keep hopes alive for a playoff push.

Atlanta Falcons v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are 4-6-1, which still puts them in the playoff hunt heading into Week 13. And, because of the Steelers’ surprising loss to the Broncos last week, there is a slight window that has opened to win the AFC North.

AFC Standings Heading into Week 13

AFC North Consideration

Three of the Steelers’ final five games are against some tough teams: the Chargers, Patriots, and Saints. Let’s say they lose all three of those games. Their other two games are against the Raiders and Bengals. If they lose one of those in an upset too, and Cleveland wins out, they would have a shot at winning the division (assuming the Ravens do not keep winning).

AFC Wildcard Spot

The Ravens and Colts both won last week, putting them two ahead of Cleveland. The Browns can’t quite catch them yet, but we have to take this one week at a time.

Week 13 Rooting Guide Summary (Most Important Right Now)

We want everyone in front of the Browns to lose. There are a lot of teams (six) that need to lose — it won’t all happen in one week, but the idea is that Cleveland builds a winning streak, and week-by-week, the Browns move up as a subset of teams suffer a loss.

  • Cleveland Browns defeat Houston Texans
  • Atlanta Falcons defeat Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals defeat Denver Broncos
  • Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Indianapolis Colts
  • Buffalo Bills defeat Miami Dolphins
  • New York Jets defeat Tennessee Titans
  • Los Angeles Chargers defeat Pittsburgh Steelers

These outcomes would allow Cleveland to move up to the 8th spot in the AFC.

Playoff Simulators

Let us know what crazy scenarios you come up with to show the Browns getting the sixth seed! Here is one for us, which even has the Browns losing one game and making it: