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Introducing The Dawgs By Nature Podcast Network

The same programs you’re used to, but now more widely available

DBN Radio

My friends for the last two years we have been privileged to offer you podcasts available from The DBN Network, which existed in indirect symbioses with this very blog. Well we’re happy to announce that we are now a direct, official part of Dawgs By Nature.

This does NOT mean any kind of interruption in the listening to the shows you enjoyed on The DBN Network, but in fact an expansion. You can now find Dawgs By Nature podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever they listen to podcasts.

Here are some new programs for the new partnership:

Ez Does It - Officially A Part Of Dawgs By Nature

Ezweav has been a frequent commentator and part-time writer for Dawgs By Nature for the last several years. He’s been hosting Ez Does It since the start of the (eminently forgettable) 2016 season. Through good and bad (and more bad) he’s remained loyal to the Cleveland Browns for about three decades. Generally optimistic about the future (despite the evidence of the day) and specifically overjoyed about the coming ascendancy of Baker Mayfield.

This BelieveLand Is Your Land - Clevehouse Of Horrors

Josh Finney and John Colosimo are diehard Browns fans who like you, have lived through all the pain and heartache required of this beloved franchise. Yet despite all the negativity, they march on with This Believeland Is Your Land. Finney is a regular contributor to Dawgs By Nature, and Colosimo writes for WFNY

Straight No Chaser - Pouring One Out For Hue Jackson

Straight, No Chaser is a Cleveland Browns Podcast which is committed to bringing listeners the straight unfiltered truth about the reality of being a Cleveland Browns fanatic regardless of the win total. Every week we use interviews, music, and the happenings of this team to spark conversation from a distance that takes a long view of the events out of Berea. Thelonius 7 has been a lurker, commenter and a podcaster of the Dawgs by Nature community over the last 10 years.

In addition to these, you’ll also be able to hear Absolute 10 & 6 with Big Town Brown and Darth Batman, as well as The Longtable, with Gin And Tonic, new episodes of both coming soon.

Thank you for your support of the DBN Network over the years, and we look forward to hearing your feedback of our new platform. Thanks for listening!