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NFL Power Rankings: Browns’ and rest of AFC North stay steady in Week 10

Cleveland remains at No. 27 on average despite injuries and coming off another loss.

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 10.

CBS Sports - No. 27 (no change)

The change in coaches didn’t matter. They just don’t have enough players yet. But they’re getting there.

SB Nation - No. 28 (down 1 spot) - No. 26 (no change)

A week of turmoil morphed into a Sunday full of discombobulation for the new-look/old-look Browns. Even Bruce Arians, who has been more of a tame pussycat with a Kangol in the broadcast booth than the fiery guy with a Kangol hat he used to be on the sideline, mentioned the variety of mistakes Cleveland made against a premier team. The Chiefs are not the kind of group against whom you can turn the ball over, commit dumb penalties or dink and dunk. That said, all was not bad in this matchup -- far from it. Nick Chubb offered a nice complement to Baker Mayfield, showing he can be a workhorse with 22 carries. Duke Johnson is an underrated sidekick to Chubb, posting nine catches for 78 yards and two scores. OK, enough with the New Age positive energy ... the secondary got torched.

MMQB - No. 29 (down 2 spots)

Sometimes a team responds in the first week with an interim head coach, but knocking off the Chiefs was always going to be a tall order. The season is quickly spiraling to a familiar place for the Browns.

Yahoo Sports - No. 27 (no change)

One thing new offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens figured out right away: Get the ball to Duke Johnson. He had a season-best nine catches for 78 yards and two touchdowns Sunday. Johnson didn’t have more than four catches in any other game this season. It shouldn’t have taken this long to figure out.

ESPN - No. 26 (no change)

They’re up because they’ve won two games, which for the Browns is a step forward from a winless 2016. But if they don’t end the skid they are on -- they have lost four in a row, and it will be very difficult to stop given the schedule -- their end-of-season ranking might wind up lower than the preseason projection.

Associated Press - No. 27 (no change)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
CBS Sports 12 27 10 6
SB Nation 14 27 11 6 16 26 11 7
MMQB 17 27 16 6
Yahoo Sports 12 27 16 7
ESPN 12 26 10 7
Associated Press 14 27 16 7
Average 13.9
(down 0.5)
(down 1)
(down 4.9)
(up 1.3)