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Browns fans’ confidence remains optimistic, while Ravens’ confidence plummets

Despite Cleveland’s record, fans are more optimistic about the Browns than other fanbases are about their teams.

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The Week polls are in, so let’s look at the results to see how optimistic Browns fans are getting!

How confident are you in the direction of the team?

Last week: 63 percent confidence

This week, 67% of fans voted for their confidence in the direction of the Browns, a 4% increase from last week. You have to imagine that fans are just relieved that Hue Jackson is gone, and understand that the Chiefs are just a juggernaut that this team wasn’t ready to handle yet.

The Browns’ confidence is well ahead of the Ravens (8%) and Bengals (23%), but behind the Steelers (82%).

Will the Browns win or lose in Week 10?

Odds: Falcons are 5-point favorites

Dawgs By Nature FanPulse: Falcons by 1

The Falcoholic FanPulse: Falcons by 9

Even though both Browns fans and Falcons fans picked Atlanta to win, this is one of the bigger disparities we’ve seen — Cleveland fans are only predicting a tight loss, while Atlanta fans see a multi-possession loss.