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A Cleveland Browns Podcast: TBIYL, This Revolution will Not Be Televised

This Believeland is Your Land - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - With Special Guest Mark Schofield!

This is a special edition of the This Believeland is Your Land podcast as we welcome special guest Mark Schofield of Inside the Pylon, Locked on Patriots, Matt Waldmans RSP and more. This interview is filled to the brim with topics for Pats fans, Browns fans and Draft fans alike.

John Colosimo interviews Mark Schofield and covers a myriad of topics including:

- Mark growing up a Pats fan

- Thoughts on the Drafting of Drew Bledsoe

- The 1996 Superbowl between the Patriots and Packers

- When Mark knew the Patriots had something Special in Tom Brady

- State of the industry with regards to NFL draft and in-season content

- Marks evaluation of Baker Mayfield as a prospect and his progression into his rookie season

- Marks thoughts on the selection of Baker at #1 overall

- Watson v Baker this Sunday in Houston

- What Mark is looking for in the next Browns coach on ultimately who he’d pick if he had his say