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Bruce Arians continues his non-campaign for Browns head coaching position

Former HC tells Rich Eisen that he’ll listen if John Dorsey calls, but that he is not openly seeking the job.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have looked like a real NFL team since Gregg Williams took over the head coaching position.

How much of that is a result of Williams’ acumen as a coach, the elevation of Freddie Kitchens to offensive coordinator, or simply the fact that the Browns are no longer being mismanaged by Hue Jackson is open to debate.

The other aspect that remains unclear is just who will be running the sidelines come next season, as general manager John Dorsey is currently working on the search for the team’s next full-time head coach.

While Dorsey is keeping the search quiet, one name that continues to surface is that of former Arizona Cardinals head coach, and longtime NFL offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians.

Of course, it is primarily Arians himself who continues to link his name to the vacancy, as he takes every opportunity he can to let people know that of course he would be interested, if only Dorsey would give him a call.

It was more of the same on Thursday when Arians appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and continued his campaign for the job (while also making a point to say he is not campaigning for it), according to Josh Edwards at

“I’d love to listen to what Mr. Dorsey [General Manager John Dorsey] and Mr. Haslam [owner Jimmy Haslam] have to say. I’ve always had this fondness for Cleveland and wanted that job almost every time it came open and never got an interview, so I doubt I’ll get one this time too. Not politicking for it. Just hey, would love to listen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gregg Williams doesn’t get a job with as good a job he’s doing right now.”

Arians has previously said that if he were hired for a job that he is not campaigning for that he would keep Kitchens as offensive coordinator and talk with Williams about staying on as defensive coordinator. That scenario would give the Browns a level of continuity they have never seen during previous coaching hires, so there is an attractive element to that.

With the Cardinals, Arians posted a record of 49-30-1 from 2013 through 2017. Prior to that he spent five seasons (2007 to 2011) as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers and three seasons (2001 to 2003) in the same role with the Browns.