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Cleveland Browns Podcasts - Four New Ones!

Absolute 10 & 6, Ez Does it, and The Longtable, TBLIYL

Game time’s right around the corner, so wet your whistle with some new podcasts available from Dawgs By Nature:

Absolute 10 & 6 - You Always Remember “The One”

Darth Batman & BigTownBrown express joy at the big changes going on in their lives now that we have a quarterback

Ez Does It - Decision Time Coming For Double-G

Baker Mayfield is really good (in case you hadn’t noticed) but is Gregg Williams good enough to be his permanent HC?

This Believeland is Your Land - Arians Stars in the Browns remake of “Say Anything”

Josh, Mike and John are back on the mics to entertain you with some hot takes about Bruce Arians, a round of Fact or Fiction, and a short Preview of the Primetime matchup this Saturday vs the Broncos!

The Longtable - Browns/Broncos Pregame

Longtime DBN good-guy Gin_And_Tonic hooks up with The Hungarian Barbarian to talk a little Browns/Broncos as well as some other stuff