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Baker Mayfield issues a challenge to his teammates

Playoffs may be out of reach for the Browns, but Mayfield does not want to see anyone slacking off the final two weeks.

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield may still be a rookie, but he has acted like a 10-year veteran almost from the moment he walked through the door.

Mayfield put in the necessary work and took a firm grip on the starter’s job from Tyrod Taylor, has not shied away from responsibility when things haven’t gone well, and called out former head coach Hue Jackson for the nonsense he brewed while with the franchise.

On Wednesday, Mayfield turned his focus on his teammates, issuing a challenge for the final two games of the season.

The Browns may be down to just the slimmest of chances to make the playoffs, but Mayfield says everyone needs to stay focused, according to

“We want to win our last two games. Any guys on this team that don’t want to do that ... they need to get out. That’s quite frankly how I feel. We have a lot of guys playing on their contract year. That also doesn’t need to be a distraction.”

Interestingly, Mayfield did not name any names, but that may not be such a big surprise. Outside of linebacker Jamie Collins, who is unable or unwilling to give a solid effort on a consistent basis, there do not appear to be any players dogging it through the final weeks of the season.

But fitting his position as the future franchise quarterback, Mayfield put the word out that the final two games are just as important as the previous 14, and you better be ready when game time rolls around on Sunday.

It is the type of leadership that the Browns have lacked for years, especially from the quarterback position, and as long as Mayfield continues to go out and back up his words, no one should have a problem with him speaking his mind.

And if they do?

Well, it is clear that Mayfield will have no trouble with setting them straight.