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Cleveland Browns Podcast: Ez Does It - Postgame (Browns/Texans)

It wasn’t great

Baker Mayfield had a terrible 1st half today and the Houston Texans are a good team. Turns out that’s all it would take for the Texans to complete a drubbing of the Cleveland Browns 29-13 today in Houston. Mayfield threw three interceptions - all of them bad decisions, in a first half that saw the Browns fall behind 23-0, which would prove to be WAY too much on this day.

Stuff happens, and while you have to squint to see positives in this one, they are there. I squint as hard as I can in the post game edition of Ez Does It. Among them is now the talk of playoffs can officially die. There’s plenty of football left to watch in the remaining four games, but it won’t be for post-season jockeying. Of course that’s not the only thing, as even though Baker had a tough first half, he came out in the 2nd and made some nice throws. The Antonio Calloway fumble was really the dagger.

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