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Ez Does It - A Very Baker Christmas

The ways in which Baker Mayfield has completely changed the culture, Jabrill Peppers’ impressive improvement, and some Head Coaching search contingencies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially when our beloved Cleveland Browns enter play in week 16 of the regular season still technically alive in the playoff race. The reason for that is one hot-shot rookie quarterback of ours, and I get into that in the latest edition of Ez Does It.

Baker Mayfield has changed the culture, and while he may not have done so completely single-handidly, he absolutely has been the catalyst of the Browns’ turnaround in 2018. His calling out of anyone on the team that may not be completely on board with the Browns taking these last two games seriously is exactly the sort of moxie and leadership this woeful franchise has been lacking for so long. It’s been awesome to behold.

Jabrill Peppers has had an improved sophomore season, and it wasn’t until just recently that I realized just how improved it’s been, so he gets some additional kudos. Also delve into the coaching paradigm we are about to enter into, and the possibilities surrounding Gregg Williams, Bruce Arians and Freddie Kitchens.

Also, few things in life are as useless, misleading, bereft of any real or artificial value and/or worthy of time/effort to learn or energy to understand as is the stupid and worthless combine velocity “measurements”. This will remain true until such time as they line the guys up and say ‘throw it as hard as you can’, but they don’t do that, thus it is not a relevant metric to anything in the natural world, and really is an insult to any reasonable person’s intelligence and an overall blight on mankind.

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