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Empty Formation Drive Against the Bengals: A Cleveland Browns Film Breakdown

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In week 12 against the Cincinnati Bengals, Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns utilized an empty backfield to spread (and shred) the Bengals’ defense. The Browns flashed the Full House backfield they had utilized the week prior, and then shifted gears completely into the empty set.

Here’s a look at the Browns’ drive and a few interesting wrinkles from Freddie Kitchens:

*several times in this video I mistakenly say “hunt route” when I mean “sit route”. This route is also known as a “slant-settle” route, and probably by some other names, but “Hunt” refers specifically to route in different concepts. I’ve been watching too many cutups of the Chip Kelly/Mike Martz Mesh concept and had the Hunt route on my mind. Mike Leach also has his version.