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Cleveland Browns Podcast: Ez Does It (Postgame Browns/Ravens)

This one was tough, but this season was pretty satisfying all things considered

The Cleveland Browns’ 2018 season came to an end today and unlike so many other previous ones, this one is sad to see end. I talk about the game and the season during the final postgame Ez Does It of the year.

Baker Mayfield did end up setting the rookie passing record, and also did a whole bunch of other really impressive things this year. The future is quite bright, even if his performance today was shakier than what we’ve become accustomed to.

Also, the NCAA College playoff paradigm - just felt like it was worth touching on (and a nice break-away from thinking about the game). Basically Notre Dame should have never been considered for a variety of reasons. Also, what about coaches of teams who have made the playoffs but still start their stars?

After that it’s all about the head coaching question. After that question will come the one about the few players that we need to consider resigning (say have you ever noticed that we took THREE former first round picks that other teams had given up and saw them basically resurrect their careers with us? Have you noticed that?) and then, of course, the draft.

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Going to close this out with something different. Last week our friend ShockerBrown was at the home win vs. Cincinnati, and was good enough to capture some of it on digital film. What follows is a collection or random photos with no further context, starting with the Rally Possum!