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Ez Does It - Browns beat the Panthers (POSTGAME)

This is so much more fun than what’s it’s been like the last few years

Hot damn this is getting good! Today Baker Mayfield woke feeling ultra dangerous in the first half and combined with a spirited defensive effort in the 2nd half the Cleveland Browns bested the Carolina Panthers 26-20 at FES*, and I talk about it for a while during the post-game edition of Ez Does It. Where to start with this one?

Oh yeah, that aforementioned stud, hot-shot rookie quarterback who has just won his fifth game of the season (one he didn’t get into until the 3rd game) for a team that had won 4 in the three previous seasons combined. What happened today was something we haven’t seen...I can’t even remember when. It was a battle that we flat out won in the 4th quarter. Cam Newton was game, and despite toughing out an ailment that probably should have sidelined him today, he not only toughed it out he played pretty well. Baker just played better, with stuff like this:

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