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See an up-close of Kyle Shanahan’s play sheet from the Browns in 2014

Plus, several breakdowns of plays from that game vs. the Raiders via Mark Bullock.

Last week, Mark Bullock, a freelance writer and contributor to the Washington Post, stumbled upon an old play sheet that was very clear to read from Kyle Shanahan. The reason it is relevant to the Cleveland Browns is that the play sheet was from 2014, when he was the team’s offensive coordinator.

Here is a large version of the play sheet. If you follow the Twitter moment below, Bullock breaks down 8 of the Browns’ play calls from that game against the Oakland Raiders, which the Browns won 23-13.

Back in 2014, DBN’s Tim Miller broke down some of the Browns’ run blocking for the game, which you can go back and review and compare to the playsheet if you’re really ambitious.