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Former Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi opens up about losing his hand

An ATV accident forced his hand to be amputated, leaving only his left thumb.

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

in 2009, WR Mohamed Massaquoi was a second-round pick by the Cleveland Browns. It’s easy to forget how many starts he made in his four years with the club -- 43 in total, amassing 118 catches for 1,745 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also once threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to fellow WR Brian Robiskie.

When Massaquoi became a free agent in 2013, he signed with the Jaguars, but was released in camp. He then signed with the Jets for a week before being released. He’s been out of the league since then, but at 31 years of age, I think one would assume he’s just living life like normal now. That isn’t the case.

In a stunning video unveiled today on The Players Tribune, Massaquoi talked about an ATV accident he suffered in April 2017, which cost him the majority of his left hand.

If there is any saving grace for Massaquoi, they were able to save his thumb, and doctors appear to have done a tremendous job fitting him with a robotic prosthetic.