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FOX 8 uncovers old footage of Bill Belichick behind-the-scenes as Browns head coach

Before the Super Bowl, enjoy some history with the Browns and Bill Belichick from the 1992 season.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

With Bill Belichick appearing in yet another Super Bowl, one of Cleveland’s local news stations, FOX 8, ran a segment the other day to re-live a behind-the-scenes look they had of the former Browns head coach from back in 1992.

That would have been Belichick’s second year as the team’s head coach, and FOX 8 had exclusive week-long access to Belichick in December 1992. Back on November 1, 1992, the Browns were blown out by the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 30-10. Cleveland was set for a re-match against the Bengals, this time at home, on December 6, 1992.

Sitting in the room are Belichick, defensive coordinator Nick Saban, and others as they discuss their upcoming match-up against the Bengals.

Belichick: “I mean, obviously, I don’t think we’ve got to go into this too much, but we’ve got to win this fucking game. I think we’ve got a better team than they do.”

Saban: “I do too.”

Belichick: “But we’ve yet to prove it.”

Saban: “Right. But I think we’ve got a better team than they’ve got too, don’t get me wrong.”

The next clip then flashes to Ozzie Newsome and Michael Lombardi at the table with Belichick as FOX 8’s Casey Coleman listens on.

Lombardi: “Basically, he [someone on the Bengals] has been playing for them more because they lack people in his ability.”

Belichick: “OK, so that’s a typical report, right there. Everybody on their team stinks. ... [grinning] Unless the coaches fuck this game up, then there’s no way we can lose.”

Belichick then shows a bunch of the X’s and O’s that go into the week.

Belichick: “You can see what formation the offense was in, what play they ran, and how they played it defensively — what their coverage was; who blitzed, or whatever.”

Coleman: “Now this is an incredible amount of information. How do you assimilate all of this?”

Belcihick: “Well, basically, what we try to do is summarize it, and so we take all of this and make it into a scouting report for the players.”

Then, John Telich (presently of FOX 8 sports) voiced over that Belichick put in a new running play that worked wonders against the Bengals, showing Belichick diagramming it on the white board in Berea, it being run outside on the practice field, and then it working to success on gameday against the Bengals.

In another clip while in a meeting room, some topic of conversation came up, and Belichick went to the money line he uses so often in press conferences over the years:

Belichick: “We aren’t talking about that, we’re getting ready for Cincinnati and that’s it.”

In front of 68,368 fans, the Browns won that game 37-21, led by QB Bernie Kosar (19-of-23 for 239 yards and 2 TD) and a four-man rushing effort that produced 29 carries for 145 yards (5.0 YPC).

On Twitter, a few clips of investigative reporter Carl Monday aired, showing a lighter side to Belichick. What is funny is that with the second one, Monday said he thought they were doing a spoof going through Belichick’s trash can, but that he knew nothing about the segment.